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Special issue in honor of Prof. John Bercaw on his 75th birthday.

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Before UW-Madison

10. Oxygen Kinetic Isotope Effects in Methane Monooxygenase.

9. Dioxygen and Alkane Activation by Iron-Containing Enzymes.

8. Mechanistic Studies of the Reaction of Reduced Methane Monooxygenase Hydroxylase with Dioxygen and Substrates.

7. Homogeneous Oxidation of Alkanes by Electrophilic Late Transition Metals.

6. Investigation of the Factors Affecting the Stability of Dihydrogen Adducts of Platinum(II).

5. Alkylplatinum(II) Intermediates in C-H Activation by Platinum Complexes in Aqueous Solution.

4. Exploring the Mechanism of Aqueous C-H Activation by Pt(II) through Model Chemistry: Evidence for the Intermediacy of Alkylhydridoplatinum(IV) and Alkane σ-Adducts.

3. Formation and Reductive Elimination of a Hydridoalkylplatinum(IV) Intermediate upon Protonolysis of an Alkylplatinum(II) Complex.

2. C-H Activation by Aqueous Platinum Complexes: A Mechanistic Model.

1. Oxidation of Zeise’s Salt by [PtCl6]2- : A Mechanistic Model for Hydrocarbon Oxidation.

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