Organic Electrochemistry Short Course

May 27 – 29, 2020

Course postponed due to COVID-19

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Space availability is limited to 16 participants.


Presented By:

Prof. Shannon S. Stahl

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Prof. Mohammad Rafiee

University of Missouri-Kansas City

Course Description:

This 2.5-day course is designed to provide an introduction to the theory and practice of organic electrochemistry. The time will be divided into lecture presentations, covering theory and applications of organic electrochemistry, and laboratory exercises that provide participants with hands-on experience in bulk electrolysis/electrosynthesis and analytical electrochemistry techniques. This interactive workshop-style event seeks to create a community experience fostering connections that will extend beyond the course and promote broader use of electrochemistry by organic chemists.

Lecture Topics
Introduction to Organic Electrochemistry
Principles of Electron Transfer
• Thermodynamic Considerations and Cyclic Voltammetry
Electrochemical Synthesis
• Bulk Electrolysis and Practical Considerations
Analytical Techniques for Mechanistic Insight
Applications of Organic Electrochemistry – Direct Electrolysis Reactions
• Shono Oxidation, “Cation Pool”, Radical Alkene and Arene Functionalization, Electrochemically Generated Radical Addition Reactions, Heteroatom-Heteroatom Bond Formation
Applications of Organic Electrochemistry – Indirect Electrolysis Reactions
• Electron Transfer Mediators, Electron-Proton-Transfer Mediators, Halide Mediators, Organometallic Electrochemistry

Practical Laboratory Exercises
Synthetic Applications of Organic Electrochemistry
Bulk Electrolysis involving Direct Electron Transfer
• Bulk Electrolysis involving Mediated Electrochemistry
Electroanalytical Studies of Electroorganic Synthesis
Thermodynamic Analysis Redox Processes
• Kinetic Analysis of Mediated Electrochemical Processes

Available lab space will limit participation to 16 individuals. Efforts will be made to create a diverse collection of academic and industrial researchers. Applicants will be selected and notified, starting in mid-March, and will be provided with registration information.

Registration costs:
Graduate Students/Postdocs $595
Faculty/Instructors $895
Industry $1695

Registration costs cover materials and supplies for the course, in addition to lunches (Wed-Fri) and dinner on Thursday evening. Each participant will also receive bound copies of the lecture slides and the laboratory manual used in the course. Lodging information will be provided to course participants after applications are accepted (est’d cost: $115/night).

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